EES is extremely passionate about nurturing people skills and bridging generational gaps. We offer world-class consulting services throughout the United States, developing tailor-made programs that are client-centric and laser-focused on specific objectives. Our added value services will shape your organization’s present and future goals.



Celeste Jones and the team are extremely passionate professionals who believe that, regardless of age and status, strong people skills must be both consciously and subconsciously instilled through repetition and daily practice.

Celeste Jones
President and Founder

Jones began her passion of teaching presentation power pre-undergrad while she was involved with public figures.  She founded EES pre-undergrad, a boutique education consultancy firm. EES specializes in empowering people and youth through high impact knowledge blasts, motivational speaking, workshops and consulting. Jones has appeared on numerous multi-media platforms and has authored several manuals on ways to enhance EQ and interpersonal skills. Jones complemented her talent with a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and in Education from Harvard University. She has also increased her skills by obtaining Communication effectiveness and Mediation Certifications from Northwestern University.

Celeste Jones is the author of children’s manner books and creator of etiquette games and is represented by exclusive boutiques and department stores across the country such as Mattel, FAO Schwarz, Neiman Marcus, and others. The unique method of training has made her programs
challenging, interactive, highly effective and impactful.

Jones has gained multi-media coverage through Robb Report, Forbes, MTV, NBC, ABC and other networks for her unique and effective coaching methods. Jones has a passion for giving back and donates her time and programs to many rotating educational outreach programs and animal charities.

Tanita Siripanich
Strategy and Innovation

For over two decades, Tanita Siripanich has been increasing ROIs at the intersection of business and technology. Her unique expertise in business strategy, which allows her to identify and exploit opportunities for client growth using the advance technology, has made her a hot commodity. And through her various Fortune 100 consulting contracts and keynote speaking tours, Tanita has established an international profile while acquiring a broader perspective on the business landscape. This rare skillset allows her to design the programs of tomorrow today, providing clients what they need to stand out from the global crowd and build long-term success. Siripanich is also a staunch advocate for diversity who supports professional development and mentorship — one whose eloquence on the subject has been sought by the Advance Career for Women in Technology and advocated to Grace Hopper Community and many others.

Tanita is fluent in both English and Thai. She has an MBA in International Marketing from Loyola University and an MS in E-commerce and Business Intelligence from DePaul University. She earned her undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Economics at Kasetsart University in Bangkok. Siripanich is also an avid volunteer and does work for the Humane Society.

Lindsay J Jahnke
Marketing Officer

Lindsay J Jahnke  - Vice PresidentJahnke discovered her passion for inspiring self-confidence in others during her career in the film industry, where she coached celebrities and professional athletes on how to present themselves as strong and confident individuals exuding leadership qualities.

Jahnke worked extensively at the national level with LA Fitness, where she taught representatives excellent customer service skills. She also assisted the PGA Tour with client relations, marketing, and branding consistency, and coached professional golfers on how to conduct themselves during press interviews and media presentations–all while managing tour details to provide a seamless fan experience. She has managed, directed, and trained club employees to provide exceptional service skills at every touchpoint, providing the ultimate experience for all involved. Jahnke holds a BA and a master’s in Sports Management, giving her the educational background to tackle a broad range of industries, personalities, and exciting challenges.


Dana Schleicher
Chief Financial Officer

Dana Schleicher - Chief Financial OfficerDana Schleicher began her career in the financial services industry as a Client Service Specialist for a national brokerage firm after obtaining degrees in Marketing and Finance from The University of Florida. Upon earning her Series 7, 66, and 63 licenses, she spent several years supporting a highly productive wealth management team. Following her time in the corporate world, she led the creation of a collegiate stationery product line. Her combination of effective communication skills, business protocol awareness, and marketing talent has fueled her ongoing success.

Outside of business, her interests include kindness, civility, fine stationery, and college football! Schleicher lives by the philosophy that “the little things make a big difference.” Whether it’s graciously helping a client with a special request or writing a letter of appreciation to a friend, Schleicher believes one should be intentional when cultivating relationships and connecting with others. This mindset led her to the etiquette field, where she could help people hone their social skills.


Shannon Morfin
Advisor of Finance Curriculum

Shannon Morfin - Chief Operating OfficerShannon Morfin heads training and research development at EES. She is also active with 4sight Health after spending 10 years in healthcare finance and healthcare real estate. Morfin has worked with every asset type in healthcare while implementing training seminars. Most recently, she was the SVP of Strategic Development and Training at LinkCapital, where she was responsible for curriculum and education as well as health system partnerships and business development. Prior to LinkCapital, Morfin was a Senior Portfolio Manager at Welltower and had previously worked at Ventas, inc., Ziegler Capital Markets, and Bank of America. Morfin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (with focuses on Finance and International Business) from Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame, where she also minored in math. She is currently working towards her MBA at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Morfin is actively involved with the special olympics and enjoys reading, traveling, and teaching.


Aicha Sharif
Lead Educator

 Aicha Sharif - Director of MarketingSharif holds an MBA in Project Management and an MA in International Business and Marketing from the London Business School. She has worked for several Fortune 500 companies, spearheading cutting-edge business development programs. She has done extensive research on overcoming generational challenges with integrated marketing campaigns, keynote speaking engagements, and webinars.

Sharif possesses exceptional leadership and communication skills, is Six Sigma certified, and Hoshin Kanri proficient. Sharif has a deep understanding of organizational processes and has mastered the five knowledge areas of project management, as well as key methodologies, including waterfall, agile, scrum, and NPI. Sharif is an active volunteer in the Taproot Foundation and works closely with a number of charities to enhance their business operations.


Mary Franke
Lead Educator

Mary Franke - Leader Trainer

Franke is a working actress who has inspired youth and adults across the country with her lively theater programs, using teaching methods that integrate humor and the various tricks of her trade. Franke’s extensive experience with The Second City, Vagabond School of the Arts, and many movies, commercials, and theater productions has equipped her with a large repertoire of techniques she uses–and teaches–for navigating personalities and exercising self-control. In her view, life is a script people write for themselves; that we are all actors with directorial power–a power she teaches people to tap into. People skills, in her philosophy, are the byproducts of a cultivated sense of empathy; and once those people skills are perfected, they become like different hats one can wear to manage different situations.

Franke has exceptional techniques to instill empowerment and leadership skills both on and off the set. Her vast experience includes Second City, Vagabond School of the Arts, and numerous movies, commercial’s and theater productions. Franke views life as individual scripts that each person writes for themselves. She believes that we are all actors and that we have a choice on how we handle different situations by how we react. Franke teaches the art of being in control of how we act in challenging situations. She refers to people skills as merely wearing different acting hats to present oneself in a mindful manner and showing empathy and consideration towards others.

In her free time, Franke volunteers for The Anti-Cruelty Society and PAWS and speaks at schools as an advocate for kindness to animals. She holds a BA from Loyola University and has trained at Acting Studio Chicago, Vagabond School of the Arts, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Shattered Globe Theatre, The Second City, Profiles Theatre, and the British American Drama Academy.

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