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Hiring an effective motivational speaker is not about getting the most popular personalities, but about getting the right speaker for your company’s goals. Building a rapport with an audience takes more than just a celebrity name.

If the goal of an event or training session is to increase productivity and sales, you are unlikely to get much use out of a speaker who lacks real expertise. Sure, a celebrity appearance may get people pumped-up and ready to launch themselves back into their work, but that enthusiasm will fade. Ultimately, you need an accomplished sales guru; someone who has successfully increased sales and productivity at similar venues and can impart practicable wisdom.


Best Motivational Speaker in Chicago

The best motivational speakers are those who have relevant experience and an infectious enthusiasm for the subject matter. They are energetic, persuasive, and knowledgeable. They are fountains of practical advice who establish an easy rapport with their audiences. It is this suite of qualities that makes for an effective motivational speaker, and why you should consider Celeste Jones from EES for your next event.

The objective for any group, venue, or business in hiring a motivational speaker is to appeal to the target audience while fulfilling the purpose of the event. As the saying goes, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Event planners are wont to hire flavor-of-the-day speakers, even if they lack public speaking experience. But this is a mistake. In such cases, resources are spent on momentary excitement, rather than lasting impact. These event planners often work on commission and seek out high-priced speakers to increase their own revenues. But speakers are like wines, and a hefty price tag does not necessarily mean a better product. There are highly-effective, industry-specific motivational speakers who can address your needs for a modest price. Speakers that charge upwards of $20k rarely change their pitches and instead rely on old standards, no matter the event. Nor do they offer follow-up services like Celeste Jones’ one month of free webinar blasts that cement her motivational content. Do not waste your money on flash and celebrity when you can save and cultivate lasting change with Celeste Jones!

The best motivational speaker will be an organic fit whose style and content materials blend seamlessly into the themes and overarching purpose of an event or training session–whether it be sales and productivity improvement, communications training, customer service sessions, or simply entertainment. The best motivational speaker will educate and entertain, adding value without boring her audience.

When you pick a good speaker, the investment pays for itself. The best motivational speakers are steeped in firsthand experience and leave lasting impressions. If you are looking to hire just such a motivational business speaker, invite keynote speaker Celeste Jones and expect your group to be moved, entertained, and challenged to perform at the highest level well after the event has ended. Jones produces lasting results through her speeches as well as her follow-up, which includes a free month of webinar blasts with an option to extend. She works within company budgets, targets her audiences, and crafts specific messages that project what companies need most. For immediate results, hire Celeste Jones to inspire, motivate, and make a difference in your workforce.

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