What is juniorCEOs™ ?

  • A high impact workshop to prepare youth to excel with strong people skills in this hyper-competitive technology-driven world where real time interfacing is becoming obsolete. Youth that acquire Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills early on are more successful later in life socially, scholastically, and professionally.
  • A program that empowers youth and gives them an edge up in this hyper-competitive world with strong leadership skills.
  • Allows corporates to bridge generational gaps and promote

connectivity for next gen loyalty and extended client relationships.

  • juniorCEOs™ grooms leaders of tomorrow with concepts that aid youth in building higher credentials for acceptance into top academic institutions with topics on collaboration, communication, fiscal responsibility, community outreach, strategic and critical thinking, mindfulness, and strong social skills.


Why juniorCEOs™

  • In today’s digital world, parents and children are bombarded 24/7 with conflicting and overwhelming amounts of information…and there has never been a better time to start building strong people and leadership skills.
  • Our program empowers children through enhancing their confidence, self-esteem and overall well-being by mastering fundamental professional and life skills, while adding to their academic resume.
  • The Washington Post quoted Elaine Swann, “You can say anything to anybody – it’s all about your tone”. It’s more difficult to learn this today, as kids communicate in the digital world where body/facial expression and tone are absent.
  • For companies to connect generations and establish lasting relationships, added value, trust and added loyalty, while also gaining insight on future marketing trends and client needs.


How We Deliver juniorCEOs™

JuniorCEOs customizes solutions to accommodate specific requests, goals and objectives of both corporate sponsorships or programs held at schools or clubs. Junior boards positions with top local companies are offered after students complete the course and qualify.

juniorCEOs modules are based on these core areas:

  • Collaboration: Compromising, Critical thinking, Negotiating
  • Communication: Conversational skills, Introductions, Name memory
  • Etiquette: Events, Friendships, Dining protocols, Networking
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Accounting, Investing, Entrepreneurship
  • Mindfulness: Self regulation, Conflict resolution, Listening skills
  • Community: Giving back, Teamwork, Empathy



We Help Raise Leaders

  • juniorCEOs provides rigorous and challenging programs for youth ages 35, 6-8, and 9-12 on components essential in raising strong leaders.
  • Our programs work best on a regular basis themed monthly.
  • juniorCEOs acts to facilitate relationships fostering trust and client loyalty.
  • We create junior boards for institutions offering our programs so that there is an added value to both the youth participants and for companies seeking additional insight and bonding.

Today we enhance skills taught in the classrooms, but take it a step further with skills not taught in conventional educational systems. Modules are designed for different levels of knowledge, and condition the brain to accelerate to advanced EQ levels.


How do we instill leadership skills in juniorCEOs™?

We teach:

  1. Successful failure: gaining self confidence to try new things and to not be afraid of failure.
  2. Team activities: encourage collaboration and delegation.
  3. Good Sportsmanship: lessons with games and activities that allow for both winning and losing.
  4. Negotiation Skills: role playing controversial subjects and creating awareness for how to present a case and how.
  5. Decision Making: teaching how to make informed choices
  6. Communication confidence: real time interfacing with various topics requiring practice on the art of conversation.
  7. Entrepreneurial skills: creative thinking to fill a need and how to prepare business plans
  8. Fiscal responsibility: learning budgets, investing, and savings
  9. Self regulation: gaining grit and skills to manage emotion
  10. Giving back: community involvement opportunities and coming up with projects to raise money

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