What is JuniorCEOs™ ?

  • A high-impact workshop that equips youth with the people skills necessary to excel in a hyper-competitive, technology-driven world where real-life interaction is quickly becoming obsolete. Youth who acquire Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills early on become more successful later in life, professionally, academically, and socially.
  • A program that empowers youth, giving them an edge with advanced leadership skills.
  • JuniorCEOs™ grooms students to be the leaders of tomorrow with an emphasis on the credentials needed for acceptance into top academic institutions.
  • Training modules are engaging and interactive, powerful bite sized snippets of information. (Topics include: fiscal responsibility, entrepreneurship, communication, collaboration, etiquette and the importance of community service.)

Why JuniorCEOs™

  • In an increasingly digitized, 24/7 world, where parents and children alike are deluged with a lot of confusing and often contradictory information, there has never been a better time to start building the skills needed to cut through the nonsense with clear-headed leadership skills.
  • Our program empowers youth by ensuring confidence and well-being with a mastery of life skills, while adding to their academic resumes.
  • Elaine Swann (Washington Post) once said, “You can say anything to anybody – it’s all about your tone.” But the times are changing, and it is more difficult than ever to convey tone when most communication is done in the digital world, without the help of vocal timbre and body language.
  • Leadership skills increase self-confidence and give students added skills not taught in conventional classrooms.
  • JuniorCEOs™ opens up doors while connecting youth to opportunities with junior board positions with top companies.

How We Deliver JuniorCEOs™

JuniorCEOs™ customizes solutions for the specific requests, goals, and aspirations of both corporate sponsorships and programs held at private clubs and organizations. Students who qualify after completing coursework are offered junior board positions with top local companies to act as think tanks for innovative ideas.

JuniorCEOs™ modules have six primary components:

  • Fiscal Responsibility: Saving, Investing and Money Management
  • Entrepreneurship: Creative Thinking, Business Skills, Planning
  • Communication: Conversational Skills, Conflict Resolution, Introductions
  • Collaboration: Compromising, Critical Thinking, Negotiating
  • Etiquette: Events, Mindfulness, Table SMARTS
  • Community: Giving Back, Acts of Kindness, Self-confidence

We Help Raise Leaders

  • JuniorCEOs™ provides rigorous and challenging programs for youth ages 5 – 8 and 9 – 12 on components essential to producing strong leaders.
  • Our programs are most effective when used on a regular, monthly basis.
  • JuniorCEOs™ acts to give students added experience and connections for future internships and professional opportunities
  • We create junior boards for institutions that offer our programs, providing added value to both youth participants and companies in need of next generation marketing insight.

We specialize in teaching those skills that accelerate success but that are not typically taught in the classroom. Our modules condition the brain for accelerated growth in emotional intelligence (EQ).

How do we instill leadership skills in JuniorCEOs™?

We teach:

  1. Successful failure: gaining self-confidence to try new things and to not be afraid of failure.
  2. Team activities: encourage collaboration and delegation.
  3. Good Sportsmanship: lessons with games and activities that allow for both winning and losing.
  4. Negotiation Skills: role playing controversial subjects and creating awareness for how to present a case and how.
  5. Decision Making: teaching how to make informed choices
  6. Communication confidence: real time interfacing with various topics requiring practice on the art of conversation.
  7. Entrepreneurial skills: creative thinking to fill a need and how to prepare business plans
  8. Fiscal responsibility: learning budgets, investing, and savings
  9. Self-regulation: gaining grit and skills to manage emotion
  10. Giving back: community involvement opportunities and coming up with projects to raise money

Registration for Youth Programs

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JuniorCEOs intensive workshop:
Due to popular demand we have opened up a new option of an la cart programing for only $75 for our two-hour intensive workshop.


We are still offering our intensive one-month program for only $195 for ambitious students seeking more immersion.
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Workshops will be held on Saturdays

  • 1/26 – FULL
  • 2/16 – Wait list
  •  3/9, 4/27, 5/18, 6/1 – Currently open


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