Etiquette Classes for Kids in Chicago

The Efficacy Etiquette Society holds etiquette classes in and around Chicago that provide children a strong base upon which to build life skills. We believe that success in life requires more than success in the classroom; it also requires personal development and social success. This is why our program is designed to help children of every age group hone their people skills to a fine point, while also developing their character.


Manners Classes in Chicago

Manners Classes in Chicago

Every age group of children has its own common interests, so we tailor our curricula to target these interests with fun and engaging activities. Manner classes are particularly popular with children ages 3-5, who are especially inquisitive and receptive to new information, and who are also beginning to come out of their shells and socialize with gusto. We give them the know-how necessary to maintain that natural curiosity and outgoingness well into adulthood.



Etiquette School in Chicago for Kids

We established our etiquette school for children–the only one of its kind in Chicago–because we believe that children who learn etiquette during their formative years acquire a treasury of useful skills that can be drawn on, time and again, later in life. This is an empowering opportunity for children as they begin to navigate a society larger than their households.



Chicago Etiquette Classes for Kids

Our Chicago etiquette classes for children are specifically formulated to suit our clients, their children, their environments, and their needs. We work with schools, clubs, and private parties to deliver a menu of services. We empower each child to make decisions and develop situational management skills based on our proven and successful modules.


Children Sportsmanship Classes

We provide rigorous children sportsmanship classes that emphasize the key attributes of successful young athletes. We instill advanced sportsmanship behaviors that youths will carry with them and can apply on and off the field. Our sportsmanship classes are designed for different levels of knowledge and condition developing brains to acquire advanced levels of emotional intelligence (EQ).


Youth Leadership Program

Our youth leadership program empowers children by ensuring confidence and well-being with an early mastery of life skills. In an increasingly digitized, 24/7 world, where parents and children alike are deluged with confusing and often contradictory information, there has never been a better time to teach children the critical thinking skills necessary to separate fact from fiction and arrive at a correct course of action–which is the express purpose of our professional youth leadership program.

Our modules emphasize six target areas:

  • Knowledge: Identification and recall of information
  • Comprehension: Organization and selection of facts and ideas
  • Application: Use of facts, rules, and principles
  • Analysis: Separating a whole into component parts
  • Synthesis: Combining ideas to form a new whole
  • Evaluation: Forming opinions, judgments, and decisions

JuniorCEOs™ Program

Our JuniorCEOs™ Program is designed to cultivate important skill sets that are usually found outside the classroom. The curriculum focuses on executive skills like strategic and critical thinking, negotiation strategies, fiscal responsibility, and others. We incentivize scholarship with engaging rewards that keep our students focused and motivated. Successful participants will graduate to the JuniorCEOs™ Board during their course of study.

A Sister Company of EES

The Efficacy Etiquette Society offers a unique teaching style that is challenging, exciting, and interactive. Our services develop a broad range of skills that can benefit each new generation. Our Junior programs have received nationwide recognition from major news and educational media outlets, including Robb Report, Forbes, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, MTV, Channel 5, NBC, and many more. Our strong leadership programs include:
JuniorCEOs™, Junior PowerPeople™, Junior Sportsmanship, Munchkin Manners™, and one-on-one coaching.

We are a boutique business that designs bespoke educational programming for youth ages 3 and up. Contact us now to register for one of our life-changing workshops.

Synopsis of each class:
An interactive program that challenges young minds to think outside the box. This program prepares youth for leadership positions by equipping them with advanced communication skills and a greater understanding of fiscal responsibility.

Junior PeoplePower™
Conflict resolution exercises and modules are used to give youth self-confidence and self-esteem.  A very engaging and informative class.

Junior Sportsmanship
We provide rigorous sportsmanship classes that emphasize the key attributes of successful life skills. We instill advanced sportsmanship behaviors that youth will carry with them and can apply on and off the field, court, greens or in the game of life. Our sportsmanship classes are designed for different levels of knowledge and condition developing brains to acquire advanced levels of emotional intelligence (EQ).

Students acquire grit and perseverance. EES teaches students that good sportsmanship requires a positive attitude regardless of winning or not. We build strong leaders that understand that sometimes people get their way and sometimes they do not, and that life is not always fair or equal. We give students the armor needed to get through difficult times while maintaining their integrity.

A rotating list of themes promoting powerful social and table skills. These exciting parties educate children on how to be the ultimate host, guest, or even politician.

One-on-one coaching
Two-hour sessions tailored to specific client goals, aspirations, and needs. These extra high-impact sessions are for improving people skills outside of a social setting.

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