Team Building in Chicago

Our team-building in Chicago is different. We believe in establishing team synergy through ongoing, high-impact KNOWLEDGE BLASTS and short, engaging activities. These take on a variety of forms, ranging from keynote addresses to games that take employees outside. Our program can also be delivered discreetly, without requiring teams to even leave their desks. We make it our mission to understand client needs and aspirations and design our programs accordingly.

Corporate Team Building

Our programs increase overall productivity by bringing different departments into conversation with one another to develop the mutual understanding necessary for a more efficient company-wide workflow. We work closely with clients to understand their visions and obstacles so that we can devise the ultimate strategic solutions.

Team Building Companies

In your search for team-building services, look no further than our PowerPeople™ modules. We believe that competence gives workers confidence, which in turn gives workers that extra internal push needed to increase productivity. Most team-building workshops are risky, with widely varying degrees of effectiveness. This is why we believe in a hybrid approach. Time and again, EES has proven that advancing careers through continuous learning, engaging activities, and a recognition system can drastically improve job performance and overall productivity by virtue of a lasting boost in worker morale.

Rather than take workers off the floor for hare-brained team-building exercises, only to achieve a camaraderie that vanishes the moment employees return to their desks, we at EES work tirelessly to establish permanent relationships through programs that integrate seamlessly into pre-existing workplace routines and operations.

Our services include quick, impactful workshops, ongoing knowledge blasts, high-impact motivational speaking, consulting services, and innovative events. We work with you to find a solution that best serves your needs in the short-term with lasting effects.

Team Building Workshop

Team-building workshops take on a variety of forms, depending on the organizations involved and their specific needs and goals. However, unlike other team-building services, we strive to minimize interference with day-to-day operations. Our signature PowerPeople™ modules are elegant and discreet programs designed to cultivate an empowered and confident work culture without disrupting workflow.

Company Team Building Events

In contrast to the competition, our service offers a multidimensional approach that attacks client goals with a unique array of tactics. By improving communications and establishing an interdepartmental rapport, we foster a sense of belonging, a sense that each team and employee is an indispensable part of an organic whole. Employees equipped with this knowledge experience a boost in morale and a concomitant sense of accountability. And when morale is high and teams are able to work together as a unit, productivity takes off and turnover plummets. With our methods, team-building in Chicago is efficient but powerful, lasting but easy to implement.

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