Chicago Corporate Speakers

It’s a fact that we are not short of Chicago corporate speakers, there are hundreds of topics to cover. We pride ourselves in being passionate about emotional intelligence and how it affects people’s professional and personal lives. We deliver speaking engagements on the most relevant topics and in fact pride ourselves in tailoring all of our work to maximize our clients’ ROI. Unlike other corporate Chicago speakers, we first and foremost micro-analyze our clients’ needs then conduct extensive research as well as match it with our expertise to deliver the best results possible.


Leadership Speakers

As one of Chicago’s leadership speakers we pride ourselves in our community. Chicago is one of the most vibrant, progressive and thriving communities in the country. We cover current and trending topics that help organizations stay ahead of the market. Our PeoplePower™ keynote speaking touches on pressing subjects such us how to connect and create trust with women in transition. We have delivered and worked in strategic partnerships alongside leadership speakers who complement our services. Our speaking modules are flexible yet grounded with a focus on adding value through unparalleled insight.


Corporate Keynote Speakers

Our corporate keynote speakers are strategically aligned to our industry of focus. We understand the importance of connecting generations through tailored communication styles and behaviors. Our keynote speaking modules have a running theme of enhanced client loyalty and personalized interactions. We encourage each team member to take a hard look at their working style and create awareness based on their personality. We understand that each individual has a unique working style and speak to each one of those styles. We analyze your workforce to understand their personality types and based on the insight collected, we develop keynote speaking content that enhances morale, productivity, synergy and empowers team members to deliver beyond their expectations.

Corporate Event Speakers

Unlike other corporate event speakers, we pride ourselves in building content that suits the four major personality types. Whether one is assertive, amiable, expressive, and or analytical, our approach is to appeal to all styles equally. Most corporate event speakers would use an off-the-shelve solution, we fundamentally work with each of our clients to understand the pain points and opportunities. Our workshops can vary in length and intensity, with a key focus on providing the highest ROI for our clients.


Business Speakers for Hire

If you are looking for business speakers for hire, we are ready to be involved. We love what we do and our passion is contagious. Investing in knowledge is critical for business for one simple reason, knowledge is power. We are a boutique firm and all of our services are built around empowering people through acquiring relevant knowledge and mastering key skills. As corporate event speakers, we also are partners with industry leading subject matter experts who we continuously learn from and work with to increase our added-value. Our clients rely on our expertise and we work hard to exceed all expectations. Whether you are looking for business speakers to hire or simply are intrigued about the topic of people empowerment, we are here to help in so many ways.

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