Chicago Corporate Speakers

We at EES pride ourselves on our motivational speaking program and its ability to touch the professional and personal lives of audiences. Our keynote speeches cover the most interesting and pressing topics of the day (customized to suit our client’s needs and business milieu), with an overarching emphasis on how better communication can help people attain their goals.

Leadership Speakers

As leadership speakers, we continually update our platforms to stay at the top of our game. Chicago is one of the most robust, vibrant, and progressive markets in the country, and our PeoplePower™ keynotes cover the topics that help organizations stay ahead of the curve and navigate local and national trends. Our speaking modules are flexible but rooted in concrete details, with a focus on adding value through unparalleled insight. We conduct extensive field studies to keep our clients informed and ahead of market trends for the foreseeable future.

Corporate Keynote Speakers

Our corporate keynote speakers are strategically chosen from featured industries to promote cross-generational understanding, with running themes that include strengthening client loyalty and personalizing interactions. EES will analyze your workforce, categorize employees into personality types, and develop the keynote-speaking content necessary to jump-start morale and increase productivity with synergy and empowerment!

Corporate Event Speakers

EES programs are developed around the four major personality types (assertive, amiable, expressive, analytical). After assessing the psychological makeup of a workforce, we design content that captures the specific mix of personality types present, with targeted appeals. Our workshops vary in length and intensity but remain focused on clients and their bottom lines.

Business Speakers for Hire

If you are looking to hire business speakers, we are ready. We love what we do and our enthusiasm is contagious! Investments in knowledge are never wasted, because knowledge is power. And our specialized firm empowers people by giving them the knowledge and communication skills they need for success. We partner with industry-leading experts who keep us apprised of new trends and developments and teach us everything they know, so we can distill that knowledge into heuristic modules and quickly pass it on to client workforces, continually adding value.

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