Chicago Client Retention Services

Our Chicago client retention services emphasize three basic elements: client diagnostics, client engagement, and client follow-up. We work closely with each client to understand their value proposition and help them embody that philosophy in their organization. By empowering our client teams through our high-impact, efficient, and fast KNOWLEDGE BLASTS, we create brand ambassadors. And, over time, this translates to large-scale transformations.

Client Retention Programs

EES uses analytics and data mining techniques to understand your clientele and develop the most effective retention programs. We also promote your company and create added value by mapping out connectivity points and helping introduce your clients to one another.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Customer satisfaction and retention is vital for sustainable growth and profitability. Studies show that retaining a client is 5x cheaper than attracting a new one. EES understands the statistics behind growing customer bases. And in today’s hyper-competitive world, no company is too small or large to benefit from our smart modules.

Increase Customer Loyalty

EES believes in strengthening customer loyalty at every point of interaction. In a fast-paced, technology-driven market, where brand loyalty can be measured in an instant and review platform like Yelp continually crowdsource metrics of brand satisfaction, we believe it is more important than ever to maintain a client-centric philosophy and train teams to respond to issues effectively and consistently.

Customer Loyalty Companies

We approach each client as an individual company with its own obstacles and aspirations within its industry, and consult with them to develop value added and effective solutions. Our actions are always results-driven for profitability, longevity, and overall brand perception.

We collaborate with clients to establish goals that fall within their larger missions, and tailor our measurable and trackable modules to suit their budgets and timelines.

It may be tempting to use an off-the-shelf product or method for business development, but we invite you to consider a different approach, one that recognizes the human factor. Empowering teams is our passion, and we want to help each client on their journey to build a customer-first culture.

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