Chicago Client Retention Services

Our Chicago client retention services are centered around three main ingredients; client diagnostics, client engagement and client follow up. We truly believe that unlike other Chicago client retention services, we offer a unique and empowering service. We work closely with our clients to understand their value proposition and help them embed it within their teams. We believe that by empowering our clients’ teams through high impact, efficient and fast webinars, we can truly create brand ambassadors. Working with us can encompass a large-scale transformation, or simply incremental changes that happen over time. We understand change can take time and is not always easy to implement, at the same time we push our clients to think that there no box to think outside of.


Client Retention Programs

We work closely with our clients to build client retention programs that are not solely focused on increasing satisfaction. It is good to have satisfied customers, but it is even better to have customers who are willing to be brand ambassadors. We help build strong and long-lasting relationships that are based on mutual trust and respect. We use data-analytics and customer mining techniques to understand your clientele base and develop retention programs that work. As we map out shared interests and key professional indicators, a clear pattern emerges for each customers’ segment. This makes all client retention programs and campaigns smarter and more effective.


Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Customer satisfaction and retention is corefor sustainable growth and profitability, it is five times more expensive to attract a new client as opposed to retaining one. We understand the statistics behind attracting new customers and we work extensively to embed a core belief of retaining existing clients. In today’s hyper-competitive world, we simply cannot afford to lose sight of where the cash flow is coming from. We work with large, medium and small companies whose revenue can depend on a large clientele base or a smaller number of high net worth clients, either way we have built cost effective and time smart modules. These solutions are technology based and can be delivered at flexible times.


Increase Customer Loyalty

In order to increase customer loyalty, a company has to have teams who are willing to go the extra mile for each and every client. We believe in enhancing customer loyalty through all touch points. A coherent and helpful approach to dealing with clients regardless of the issue and or their value to the company. We train your teams to speak the same language, display client-centric behavior and actions in all aspect of their operations. A client’s loyalty can be measured by their repeated business as well as their word of mouth. We have measurable objectives and metrics for our programs and one of them is the number of referrals, whereby existing clients are encouraged to be an active resource. That is only possible if they see true value not only in the products and service but also in their relationships with your teams.


Customer Loyalty Companies

There are a few customer loyalty companies in the market place, which is an encouraging sign of the health of this industry. We don’t try to compete with everyone out there because we believe that everyone is truly trying to add value. Our approach is to listen to our clients on an individual basis and set-up consulting sessions to work-out a bespoke, value-added and effective solution. Unlike other customer loyalty companies, we pride ourselves in result driven actions that are based on enhancing profitability, longevity and overall brand perception. We work with small as well as large companies, we set up goals and deadlines that everyone involved works towards. Our modules are measurable and trackable and can vary based on our clients’ requirements, budget and timeline.

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