Business Development Program in Chicago

It may be tempting to use an off-the-shelf product or method for business development, but we invite you to consider a different approach, one that recognizes the human factor. Empowering teams is our passion, and we want to help clients on their journey to build a customer-first culture. That begins with each workforce and the individuals that make up each team.

EES uses a scientific approach, to carefully analyze teams, how they learn, and how they work. We then design and deploy our modules to address weaknesses and hone skills, to create a more perfectly functioning unit. Help us help you with our signature business development services in Chicago now!.

Business Development Advisor

We are business development advisors who focus on the most important assets: your people. Our high-impact, technology-based modules are designed to cultivate a sense of ownership at all levels, thereby accelerating growth. Leadership skills are, of course, essential to success but often in short supply. Many organizational behavior scholars will argue that leaders are born, not made–we beg to differ. Studies demonstrate that emotional intelligence is the most important aspect of leadership, which is why EES modules target it, and use proven benchmark testing to track improvements. Businesses that use our services quickly see increases in customer trust, loyalty, retention, and referrals. We will work tirelessly to analyze your workforce and develop those leadership qualities that, once achieved, can yield tremendous revenue.

Business Development Training

We are a boutique firm offering bespoke business development training for Fortune 500 companies, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Our modules require minimal time investment and produce guaranteed results. We work closely with clients to translate their mission statements into measurable actions. Our training focuses on high-value employees with an emphasis on the bottom line.

We believe that in order to make a long-lasting impact, leadership and ground teams must work together to leverage their respective strengths. As business developers and accelerators, we approach every client with an open mind so that we can better address their specific concerns to maximize their efforts and investments. EES listens to you and collaborates to find the best and quickest solutions.

Business Development Specialist

We will act as your business development specialists, accelerating growth with existing clients, as well as attracting new ones. EES will facilitate the implementation of best practices through market-leading ideas and proven methods. As business development specialists, we design personalized solutions that can be immediately implemented in your organization’s day-to-day operations. Our signature PeoplePower™ CORPORATE EVENTS PREP & FOLLOW-UP help organizations of all shapes and sizes create a client-centric approach through a controlled methodology. We translate your business goals and customer intelligence into SMART events with enhanced ROIs and increased profitability.

Our solutions can be delivered anywhere and at anytime without disturbing your operations. Our suite of services also includes motivational speeches that are high-impact, engaging, and interactive. One of our most popular series concerns attracting clientele and boosting conversion rates. We invite you to explore our website and get in touch.

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